2/13/11 - 2/20/11

For me, architecture gets really exciting when people start borrowing technologies from other disciplines, and incorporate them into projects. This japanese company has milled an aluminium motorbike helmet from a solid block of aluminium on their dynamic 5 axis machine- pretty sweet motion, and hopefully a flavour of things to come in the B... a lot of ally swarf left over though..

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February 18, 2011

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New journal edited by Shaun Murray - may already be available at the AA bookshop.

video from related conference here (inc. liquid factory...)

"Design Ecologies foregrounds the inextricable connection between human communication and ecological accountability in architectural design. This burgeoning field has the potential to become a far-reaching discipline, bonding a community that crosses over into and out of architecture, environment, interaction, urbanism, and performing arts and communication.

Through original design exploration ranging in scale, the journal will proffer a critical vision towards the built environment, and promote ecological transitions within local and global contexts. It will challenge the everyday emerging practices of architectural design by offering a transdisciplinary framework for design production."